Everything you need to know about waxing.

What should I do before coming for a waxing treatment?  

Thoroughly cleaning your bits before waxing is necessary for hygiene reasons even though our hair removal therapists normally apply some surgical spirit or anti-bacterial spray or liquid during treatment.

Trim hair length to around 1cm to avoid hairs overlapping – interlaced hairs can easily cause bruising or terrible pain.

Wait until hair grows long enough (at least 0.5cm) before making an appointment for Brazilian waxing or Hollywood waxing. If hairs are too short, it is hard for them to be gripped by the wax and the hair removal application will inevitably need to be applied and re-applied to any such areas, which can cause considerable discomfort.

What happens during Hollywood waxing, Brazilian waxing treatment? 

Our therapists offer a very professional, friendly and caring approach to all our clients. We currently use warm strip wax, a delicate and thorough hair removal technique.

Either Hollywood waxing or Brazilian waxing requires a lot of skin stretching action to help the waxing treatment to be carried out with the minimum of pain.

We will make the experience as comfortable as possible and it will be done before you know it!

What should I do after Bikini waxing treatment?

 Avoid hot treatments for 24 hours after waxing – such as: bath, Sauna, Steamer, Sun Bed, etc.

It is best to wear loose cotton material underwear after treatment.

We have a variety of lotions to help soothe and prevent ingrown hairs.

Scrub the waxed area every day with The ultimate Buffing Cloth and Body Scrub from the  [Dermalogica] range.

The differences between the waxing treatments offered in this salon.

Regular Bikini Wax
Removes all the hair outside the panty line. It is good to tidy up before wearing a Bikini.

Thong/High Bikini Wax
Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax.It leaves more flexibility than regular bikini line for a bikini type underwear.

Brazilian Wax
Takes all hair off the bikini line, from front all the way to the back except for a small strip from the front to the labia area. (see picture). If you like to wear a thong bikini, Brazilian Waxing is a perfect option.

Hollywood Wax
Takes all hair off the bikini line, from front all the way to the back (including the bottom area). Sometimes a small strip or triangle is left in the front as you prefer. It is completely smooth.

Gift vouchers are available for any amount or treatments.

If you can't get to the salon to pick it up, we will be happy to mail it to you.