Gel Nails

Enjoy a 4 week manicure or a 6 week pedicure with no breaks or chips, dries instantly!

Overlays on natural nails (french, natural or colour)
£45 | 60 min

Full set tips (french, natural or colour)
£55 |60 min

Fillings on all of the above
£45| 60 min

Repair of individual nails
£5 | 15min

Toes Overlay (french, natural or colour)
£35 | 30 min

Toe tips (per tip)

Nail gems and stones (per nail)

Buff off of Magnetic* Gel
£15| 30 min

Removal of previously applied products by other salons
£15 | 15 min


Gel overlay on nails and toes
£75 | 90min

Full set tips and overlay on toes
£85 | 120min

*Magnetic is a non-soakable product, it buffs off*

Manis & Pedis

Shellac™ Manicure
Soak, exfoliate, shape, buff, cuticles, massage
and a Shellac™ overlay
£40 | 60 min

Gel Manicure
Soak, exfoliate, shape, buff, cuticles, massage
and a Gel overlay
£55 | 80min

Shellac™ Pedicure
Soak, scrub, shape, buff, cuticles, dead skin removal, massage and your choice of Shellac, Gellish, Opi Gelcolour or Gel overlay
£47 | 60 min

Vinylux Manicure
Soak, exfoliate, shape, buff, cuticles, massage
and a Vinylux™ overlay
£25 | 60min

Add a Callus Peel treatment to your Pedicure
£55 | 80min

We use a combination of Gel, Shellac™ and Dermalogica® products

Manicures for Him

Superstar Manicure
soak, scrub, cuticles, buff, massage, mask, man-glaze
£27 | 40 min

Rockstar Manicure
soak, scrub, buff, man-glaze
£15 | 15 min

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It's a hybrid polish with the thinness of a polish and the longevity of a gel. Finally a reason to have Superstar nails all the time!

Image/Images Courtesy of Creative Nail Design Inc.

Shellac™  Pricelist

overlay on fingers
£32 | 30 min

overlay on toes
£32 | 30 min

overlay on fingers and toes
£59 | 60min

removal in salon with vitamin nail treatment
£10 | 30min

removal with CND Vinylux Polish manicure 
£20 | 40 min

CND Shellac™ Offly fast 8 min removal and care kit for home removal

Shellac™ at Blue Mango

Shellac is a 2 week long polish, it does not damage the natural nail. Shellac is not suitable for nail biters or clients wanting extensions. Works best on natural strong nails.


Gift vouchers are available for any amount or treatments.

If you can't get to the salon to pick it up, we will be happy to mail it to you.